Team GamebookEdit

Project: Gamebook

  1. Matthias Stock
  2. Patrick Rehder

Team tro77Edit

Project: Quizbox

  1. Florian Niefünd
  2. Jannis Ötjengerdes
  3. Jinu George

Team HeartbeatEdit

Project: Heartbeat

  1. Marcus Fischer
  2. Timo Klostermann

Team BremenByBikeEdit

Project: Bremen by bike

  1. Jan Stalhut
  2. Frederic Pollmann

Team DieCidersEdit

Project: AndroidsChoice

  1. Klaus-W. Heinrich
  2. Inga Breuer
  3. Konstanze Steinhausen

Team TerminalEdit

Project: TerrorSMS

  1. Lars Albrecht
  2. Cornelius Lilge
  3. Bernhard Vollmer

Team Henne und SvenEdit

Project: VHackAndroidGame

  1. Henrik Voß
  2. Sven Nobis

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