We track actions which happen at the restroom in the c-base

Our main goal

  • see which toilet is used, and which is free
  • is the toilet paper nearly gone? send a push message to the responsible person
  • 3 toilets - which toilet is the most visited toilet? (and where are maybe more viruses?)
  • what is the average toilet time?
  • how much cost a toilet visit?

\frac{\text{cost of a toilet paper roll}}{\text{how many visits does the toilet paper roll lasts}}

  • how many male persons are visiting the female toilets (and vice versa)

What you can do:

  • Android App
    • see, if a toilet is free?
    • see which toilet is the most visited toilet of the day (and which is the least visited toilet (remember the viruses)!!
    • highscore (longest visit, fastest visit)

  • Webpage with statistcs



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